Movi-Jabber Use Agreement

  1. For purposes of this Use Agreement, the word "User" is the person named as responsible for the account(s).
  2. User and/or institution understands and acknowledges that Movi-Jabber - as with other out-of-the-box end user applications - is supported primarily via published instructions and knowledge base articles. Thus, Movi-Jabber is established as a self-help offering.
  3. User/Institution agrees to abide by the terms of MCNC's standard Acceptable Use Policy
  4. Service will begin on the date following:
    1. Receipt of payment (if using PayPal).
    2. Acceptance by MCNC (if using a purchase order).
  5. Service is calculated in whole month increments only.
    1. Use during any portion of a month is considered a full month. No prorating will be applied.
  6. MCNC will send a notice to the email address provided by User:
    1. Approximately two weeks prior to service expiration date.
    2. Upon expiration date, if service has not yet been renewed.
  7. It is User’s responsibility to notify MCNC of renewal using the Manage Movi-Jabber Accounts page.
    1. MCNC may provide a short renewal grace period after the expiration date.